Chicago the Band

A collection of works done for the historic American rock band Chicago

Scrapbook is an in-depth look at the personal and photographic history of the band Chicago. This hefty 431 page coffee table book is a month by month representation of the history of one of the highest selling bands in history. Using over 1000 images, many never before seen, taken from personal catalogues, tour-books, press releases, articles and many other sources, this book offers a look into the personal side of this band that before was hidden to the public.
Scrapbook was designed cover to cover, from the cover design to the page layouts and liner notes, 100% by me using given copy and photos by the band. Designed in Adobe InDesign, this book was taken from conception to print with the goal of a comprehensive story that not only showed off the the bands history, but the camaraderie, the ups and downs and everything in between that made the band human. This was achieved by sorting through the material given, ordering it and dating it so that everything could be shown in chronological order. Scrapbook covers the bands history, almost completely month by month from 1967 to 2020, showing every step of their storied and historic journey.
Chicago xxxvii: Chicago Christmas 2019
Chicago XXXVII: A Chicago Christmas is the 37th and most recent album from Chicago. Designed with the knowledge that the band has a storied and stable image that has held true since their inception in 1967, the cover needed to have the look and feel that it's long time fans know and love. The cover was designed to look like Christmas wrapping paper in order to make this album feel like a gift to the fans. Most important was making sure their classic logo was front and center, something that has been prominent in now 33 of their 37 studio albums.
In 2018, Chicago submitted their second studio album, Chicago II, to be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. I was asked to produce a graphic referencing the albums cover for the submission.
In 2019, the group took band photos with their new line up for their annual band picture signature sheet. However, of the 7-10 photos taken of the group, there was not one that included each member facing the camera. I was tasked with taking each of the images and combining them so that it appeared as though each member, while casual, where facing the camera, or at the very least, facially visible.

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